Fairways, Inverness

The Proposal

Development Layout

The PoAN area covers the site of the former Fairways Loch Ness Golf Course and is located directly to the south east of Sir Walter Scott Drive. The PoAN Boundary is shown on the submitted red line plan.

PoAN Plan

A draft indicative masterplan is being consulted upon, presenting a structure for delivery of the various uses over a 9 year period. Consideration is being given to the priorities afforded to early availability of land for employment uses, i.e. both office and retail / commercial uses, and for the timeous delivery of affordable and private housing development parcels; the private housing being phased to facilitate a consistent rate of delivery over the proposed 9 year period whilst the affordable element is proposed to be compressed into the first 4 years, or indeed extended as required to match available funding. The proposed uses are all considered deliverable within the suggested period and are located in an entirely sustainable location within easy walking and cycling distance of shops, services and current employment opportunities.

Example Housetypes